Pig Owner Resources

Are you new to piggy pet parenting?

There are hundreds (literally) of important issues to know as a new pig pet owner and the resources are improving all the time. Here at OINK Marketplace for Pigs, we discovered, however, when we became new pig owners, that accurate information was a challenge to locate and we were forced often times to resort to the old "trial and error" method which we do not want our pig mom's and dads to have to experience. 

Our founder, Lauren, has taken the time to compile a full list of resources and answers to many of the questions she and everyone here at OINK Marketplace for Pigs knows you'll have as you grow into the happy, loving parent of your special snorter. 

With patience and lots of love we know you're adorable oink baby will be happy for years and years. Take a moment and read through this page for specific, pig-related FAQs.