Our Story

Meet Peony, my 3-year-old mini pig, and the inspiration behind the successful marketplace for pigs I've created and sharing with all of you. 

I knew I was getting Peony a few months before she was coming home to me. Of course, being the shopper I am, I couldn't wait to start shopping for her. I Googled everything and anything and found nothing. I was in shock, I mean, how was I supposed to have this cute, awesome and unique pet without a fail-proof outfitted world for her to come home to. I shopped here, shopped there, got this, got that.. some things worked, others, not so much. 

At the same time, my former nanny suggested I start Peony her own Instagram page. I was like, “really, for my pig?” She was adamant about the idea and said everyone was doing it, and it was a big must. I obliged. I also joined a few Facebook groups that are exclusive to us pig owners. I was shocked. These groups had upward of 25,000 members. Wow! All these people own pigs? I had no idea. 

Over the months, I would post pictures of Peony and all her cuteness. Cute bows I found. Cute beds, blankets, trinkets, necessities, everything. I created quite the following and inbox slowly filled up every day with questions like, “where can I get that bow? where can I get that harness?”

So, I had the idea to start Oink Marketplace for Pigs. I wanted to create a happy place to shop for all things pig. Before I did that though, I had to do more research. My findings led me to extraordinary findings. There were over 1,000,000 pigs as pets in the U.S. and Canada, alone! Wow. So that meant, over1,000,000 pigs as pets without a place for their owners to comfortably know that they can shop for items that are safe and practical for their little piggies.

And so, that once-upon-a-time story is now a reality and we're so thrilled you're sharing your lives and your experiences with your snorters and oinkers with us!

Our Story