Kate Spade Piggy Items Raffle for Amelia+Earhart

This is our second round of raffling items for Amelia and Earhart. The first winner of the piggy ring graciously donated it back to us to raise more money! Wow! Love! 

Kate Spade flying pig ring. Size 6. Rare, hard to find. New, with tags. 

Kate Spade piggy earrings with flower. New, with tags. 

Kate Spade piggy wallet. New, with tags. 

Thank you for being here.

These girls, Amelia and Earhart, need our help, desperately. We get asked to post things everyday. I would if it didn’t involve soliciting our loyal following. This is massively critical and they need your help so here we are! We are raffling off this new, rare Kate Spade flying piggy ring - so generously donated by Danielle Osloond, Lavender Pearl’s mama! The drawing is on Sunday, 10/27/19. These 2 pregnant pigs were attacked (for 3 days before anyone did anything). The one miscarried, protecting the other. Let’s help them live and get these other piglets here. They have a long, unsteady, shaky road. I get the need for this because without you all I couldn’t have helped my pig, Peony, the way I did. Everyone, please donate, and give up tomorrow’s latte! Lets show power in volume.. They have raised almost $6,000 and easily need $10,000... 




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