One sad day, not too long ago, our beautiful, healthy pig laid her sweet head to sleep and awoke deathly ill the next morning.  Six painful days later, our darling Peony was taken from us suddenly without knowing why or how.  Loved by thousands around the world, our precious Peony left the earth too soon and we are all collectively heartbroken.  It is now our family's mission, and our community's desire to see this rare death never happen to another beloved pig ever again. To do this we need research, we need science, we need vets and we need YOU.
Be a part of Peony's legacy and join us in our pursuit to find not only a cure, but fund the important research needed to educate pig owners of the symptoms, and support those veterinarians who dedicate their research to saving pigs like Peony. We would like to fund a veterinary scholarship in Peony's honor, "to specialize in swine as an exotic pet," at a top university. Her beautiful life will not have been in vain, for this, we have created our foundation Peony's Purpose. 
Together we will see our girl's memory save so many loved, worthy pigs and keep her sweetness alive. 
**we have currently applied for our 501(c)(3) status**