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The Best Pig Toy Ever Created

Our Original Root-O-Sphere is simply the best pig toy ever. It is silent. It dispenses treats. It rolls. It bounces. It is snuggly. They can root in it. They throw it. It will not hurt your baseboards like traditional treat balls. A must-have for all piggies. 

Pigs are extremely intellectual and will get bored easily. Providing a variety of enrichment activities will result in a happy pig and could help reduce destructive and aggressive behaviors. Each of our super plush sphere's are hand-crafted with love and quality materials.

Each Root-O-Sphere™ is unique and ranges from 11-13" in diameter. 

We recommend ALWAYS supervising your pig during play. 

To Use: Give your sphere a really good shake to fluff it up. Pull apart some fabric and find a cavity. Sprinkle (and hide) 1 TBS of our Happy Tail Mix (or some crushed up feed or your pigs favorite treat) inside and enjoy hours of boredom relief and their natural desire to root and play. 

To Wash: Machine wash on gentle or hand wash cycle; lay flat to dry. Shake to fluff.

Tip: Try to not leave your sphere down at all times. As you know, piggies are creatures of habit. We suggest your create a name for the sphere playtime and say it before you put the Root-O-Sphere down. They will learn to look forward to the time as soon as they hear you say it!





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